Biography (long version)

In the winter of 1997 Jeroen Wolterink, bass, and Ruud Weenink, drums, started to make some noise. Soon Roy Doppen, guitar, joined the band. At that time called Illfated.

After started in a small garage, at Ruuds neighbor, Fox-Wolterink offered the old disco “Black Out” as rehearsel room. With Sjoerd van der Linden on vocals and Danny Ikink with rhythm guitar, Illfated was complete. This quintet started with covers of Metallica, Body Count, Resurrection and more. After a car accident of the twin brother of our drummer and the state he was in (and we after several beers), we decided to change the band name in Total Lost.

The first stage act took place in our own “disco” and was a big success. After that we decided to make our own Music and stopped direct with doing covers. (Till this time we didn’t play any cover anymore live on stage.)

In September ’99 at a gig of family Goldewijk for the first time Total Lost would let hear their own music live on stage. But our singer and one guitarist deserted to play and immediately kicked out of the band. However the basic 3 went on stage and the public was very supporting.

After a long search for a good singer for Total Lost we found Roy Weikamp. At the same gig a year later we played finally our own songs with a singer. Finally a worthy an complete Metalband. With this formation new songs were created. In the spring of 2002 the first studio recording saw the light and is called “Anger”. These recordings took place in Roy’s Kitchen te Kotten and we stayed there for recordings till this time.

After these recordings the band changed dramatically. First Jeroen hanged his bass in the trees, because he has a marvelous grind voice and also he is a beast in stage. Without bass  and only a microphone he can go is he should go. Therefore Youri van Steen, a new bassist,  was added to Total Lost. Soon after his friend Mark Haverdill, guitar, joined the band.
Also we changed from rehearsel room, this time a location in Lichtenvoorde.  At this location also started our local hero’s “Normaal”.

In this 6 formation Total Lost started in winter 2005 with the recordings of their first demo, called Illfated (like the first name of the band). This demo includes four songs and a videoclip of the first song. You still can buy this demo, write to

Finally a real band with our own demo the next drama stood on the horizon. Roy Doppen and Roy Weikamp quitted the band for several reasons. Left alone with our four (Ruud Weenink, drums, Youri van Steen, bass, Mark Haverdil, guitar and Jeroen Wolterink, vocals) we started immediately to write new songs. In this line-up more groove was added to our songs.

In autumn 2007 the next 2 songs were recorded at Roy’s kitchen; Watch your back and Frustration. Also free for download on our website.

In the winter of 2009 we recorded another 3 songs; Spicy Metal, Media Junk and the Faithfull. Unfortunately these recordings were stolen and not completely finished. However we decided to put these songs and the previous 7 recorded songs on CD, called Straight, Rough and Pure. It will see the light probably in the summer of 2010.