The Band
Jeroen Wolterink - Vocals
Youri van Steen - Bass Guitar
Marc Haverdil - Guitar
Ruud Weenink - Drums


In the winter of 1997 Jeroen Wolterink, bass, and Ruud Weenink, drums, started to make some noise. Soon Roy Doppen, guitar, joined the band at that time called Illfated.

First started with some covers, very soon we started to make our own songs. In this time also the band name changed in Total Lost. Making own songs was more difficult as we thought and between 1998 and 2002 the band had some several changes, but finally we found a singer, Roy Weikamp. The first recorded song, Anger, saw the light in 2002.

Soon after, Youri van Steen, bass, and Mark Haverdill, guitar, joined the band. Jeroen was “promoted” to grunter of the band. In this formation the first demo, Illfated, was created in 2005. Also a video clip was created of the song “A place to go”.

Unfortunately Roy W. and Roy D. left the band and Total Lost became, and is till this time, a four mans formation. Still Total Lost is playing deep and hard, but in this formation an extra groove is added in the music.

In autumn 2007 were 2 songs recorded, called Watch your back and Frustration. And winter 2009 another 3 songs were recorded. These songs are for everybody free to download on our website. Soon all recorded songs of Total Lost will be available on a new CD called: Straight, Rough and Pure.

Total Lost

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